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$ Gov't Awards FY16


# Hospital Admissions 2016


$ E-Commerce Sales US 2015

Industry Focus

Data. That is the core of Industry. Reality Group, LLC gives your data life and puts it to use.


McKesson Paragon interfacing; Hospital surveying & ROI calculation tool development; extensive Industry experience


Procurement insight; FBO and Award data specialists; SAP interfacing; SEWP V & ITES-3H interfacing; Commercial Project:

Data Visualization

Gather and organize data:

  • surveys, trending, and charting
  • corporate partnering
  • marketplace analysis


Custom Portal design and management with PO and invoicing capability; SAP compatibility; virtual workforce capability


Corporate leadership, technology consulting, and system design, development & support are all reinforced by our 30+ years hands-on industry experience

Consult & Manage

Needs assessment, leadership, systems evaluation, remote or on-site availability - whichever, yes, we can help!

Design & Development

Starting from scratch?
Upgrading to new? Stuck with old?
Yes, we can help!

SAP Integration Services

Elephant in the room.
You know what we mean.
Yes, we can help!

Data Needs & Reporting

Extraction, integration, compilation for surveying, reporting and charting needs - yes, we can help!


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