About RealITy Group, LLC

"Democratization of data" credit Howard L. Rhyne III, Founder

The '80s

Founder, Howard Rhyne, began his technology career with a firm that would become part of the renowned healthcare giant, McKesson HBOC. The groundwork for providing clinical and financial application expertise and related troubleshooting, systems analysis, and customer support was laid.

The '90s

Product development, team leadership, training plans, data conversions, data extracts, laboratory instrument interfacing, email... technology was entrenching itself across all industries...Howard, now thoroughly versed in hospital processes and SDLC, remained with McKesson HBOC during this evolution.


With this decade came a succinct focus on cutting-edge design, development, and web-based/cloud technology; Howard lead software development teams for a golf handicap system firm and then for a laboratory information management system (LIMS) firm which complied with the stringent ISO9000 standards for QA.


Reality Group, LLC formed in 2013 to help growth-inspired companies nationwide use data and technology as a force multiplier to directly impact their success. We are professionals who consult, code, and collaborate with heavily regulated government vendors, healthcare firms, and research firms, et al.

Our Team

Balanced skillsets, varied business experiences, knowledge of pen and paper, knowledge of a digital world, customer driven. RealITy Group, LLC offers a breadth of knowledge and experience then adds to those attributes superior communication skills rarely found in IT firms.


Howard L. Rhyne

RealITy Group, LLC Founder, Software Consultant, Software Designer

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Alison T. Rhyne

Project Coordinator, Product Support, Business Administrator

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Joshua N. Lovell

Software Developer

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